Ale Möller is currently spending another musically creative and intensive year that encompasses the very first performance of a work, ”XENOMANIA”, commissioned by Swedish National Radio, which will premiere August 3, at the Urkult Festival in Sweden.

Ale was recently awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American organization FOLK ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL. Previous recepiants include Bob Dylan, Harry Belafonte, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Woody Guthrie, among others. The organization is active throughout the world, including an annual festival in North America.

Ale Möller is an internationally acclaimed musician who enjoys celebrity status not only in Sweden. He is regularly seen on the main stages of big festivals throughout the world. He was recently the musical director of a big peace congress in Chengu, China, together with 14 musicians from different parts of the globe.

This summer, Ale can be seen at Germany’s biggest folk & world music festival in Rudolstadt. In his native country, Sweden, Ale will play Korröfestivalen, in addition to Urkult, where he will perform with a full band.

The concert at Urkult will be part of a National Radio broadcast, featuring a nine-piece band, which will help put across Ale’s fascination for the rhythmic power of the melodies inspired by travels and meetings with musicians in different parts of the world. Here we can find everything that signifies his artistry: his constant urge to explore the unknown. Universal musical ideas that have helped Ale become one of the biggest stars, both in Sweden and abroad. Ales music never becomes ”mainstream” and he succeeds in combining the traditional with the new, always with a new approach to the musical content that is fresh as water from a spring. The original line-up helps the music create fireworks of notes and rhythms.

– I have to confess that I had been hoping for a commission like this for quite some time, Ale admits. My head was overflowing with groovy, rich musical textures. Music that was inspired by what I have come across during my travels in other cultures, and meeting other musicians. So I was very happy to be asked to do this. It’s time to release this music, he says.

Ale continues to describe the composition, ”XonoMania”.

– I know that there are people who get irritated and uncomfortable when they come across things that they are not familiar with. For me, it’s quite the opposite: I get energized and happy by that, especially when it comes to music. That’s why I named this piece XenoMania – the urge to experience the unfamiliar and unknown.

Ale is often involved in big symphonic projects, and collborates with orchestras like Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra, with whom he during the fall of 2017 did an acclaimed tour together with, among others, Solo Cissokho. The collaboration has also resulted in a forthcoming album.

During his stint at Artist in recidence at the Gävle Concert house a few years ago, a concert film was created around the concert projekt ”Oerhörda röster”. The film is now available on YouTube:

In addition to composing and doing concerts, Ale does a lot of pedagogic work. He is a World Music Professor at the Music Conservarory in Esbjerg, and works a lot throughout Finland, and Sweden, where he has initiated a unique master course for professional folk and world musicians, situated by the sea at Stensunds beautiful community college in the area of Sörmland.

Ale Möller, born in 1955, hs extended the boundaries for Scandinavian folk music in groups or projects like Filarfolket, Nordan, Stockholm Folk Music Big Band, and, more recently, Ale Möller Trio. Improvisation signifies a lot of Ale Möller’s music and he has become a central figure in the search of new directions and sounds in Swedish folk music. In addition to relentless touring, he composes a lot for film and theatre. Ale has been advisor for legendary Senegalese singer and Polar Music Prize-recepiant, Yousou N’Sour. Ale is also a recipient of the George Martin Award, has received eight Swedish Grammys, and several medals from His Majesty The King of Sweden. Ale Möller is also a member of the Royal Academy of Music in Sweden.

Renowned music journalist, Po Tidholm, is currently making a music documentary about Ale Möller for Swedish National Radio’s P2, for planned broadcast in August 2018.

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